Why Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Should Be The Background To Your Life

This is an article about glass kitchen splashbacks, so let’s start by thinking about poppies and sunsets. Honestly, there’s a good reason - stay with me.

Whenever people want to create a new look in their kitchen they do one of two things. Either they completely gut the place and then start from scratch, or they try to redecorate. Redecorating in a kitchen isn’t easy because you have a number of choices, and that number is 4.

Your first choice is to paint the cupboards, which tends to look very much as though a TV crew came in to do a lunchtime makeover. Your second choice is to paint the walls, although this makes surprisingly little difference in many cases as the walls are so fragmented and hidden. Your third choice is to change the worktops, which besides being very expensive makes very little difference at all. Your fourth choice is to change the tiles or splashback, and this can have a very significant impact. The only problem is that tiling a kitchen can be a nightmare task, with so many corners, pipes, sockets and other awkward issues which makes a bad job virtually intolerable.

So in thinking about how to make a real difference to your kitchen, and which is your best option, let’s think about poppies.

What makes a poppy look particularly gorgeous? What makes poppies stand out so that your only choice is to whip out your camera and record the scene? Is it the colour red? Is it their delicate petals? Is it the fact that such a beautiful flower is at the heart of the drugs trade? In fact the most striking thing about a red poppy is when it is pictured against a backdrop of golden corn. If you’ve ever seen a corn field with even just a single poppy in it the poppy seems to burst out as a flame of colour that seems far more vivid and stunning than seeing it close up without the corn in the background. Backgrounds are important in scenes.

Let’s take another example. If you have ever watched a particularly good sunset, what makes it so spectacular? Is it the sun? Well, you would think that a trillion, trillion tons of hydrogen at 16 million degrees Fahrenheit exploding with enough force to provide every human on earth with the same energy output of 10 million nuclear power plants every second would look pretty spectacular. But it’s not the sun which draws the gasps, the delight, the pointed fingers or the camera. It’s the sky, streaked with crimson hues and aubergine fronds, a blaze of amber bleeding gently into the inky blackness of forever. Again, it’s the background, not the subject, which makes the biggest impression.

Why is this relevant to glass kitchen splashbacks? Note the word ‘back’? there again? Splashbacks have the ability to provide a huge almost uninterrupted background against which almost everything else in your kitchen is presented, from your cabinets to your kettle, from your worktops to your egg timer. So if you’re looking to really make an impression in your kitchen, and bring it alive then glass kitchen splashbacks are the easiest option.

Why glass? First of all, there’s no tiling, which is definitely a plus. Secondly, it’s delivered in one premade unit, so you know it will fit around all pipes, sockets and corners without you having to do a thing. Thirdly, there’s no grouting, which not only saves time but makes it about a million times easier to clean. Fourthly, glass isn’t like tiles, because whereas tiles absorb light, glass reflects it, making your kitchen seem even lighter and brighter. Glass kitchen splashbacks are available in a whole range of colours too, so whether you’re looking for the golden colours of a cornfield, the vivid blood red of a poppy, the rich purples of a sunset or the crisp blue of a clear sky, glass is definitely something you should look into.