Eco Friendly Dash Light That Offers High Intensity Light

A dash light is available in modules of high intensity that come with lot of innovation and improvisation depending upon the requirement. There are companies that supply these in as many as 15 different flash patterns. Each flash pattern is a way in which the lights on the dash board blink, with varying pulse and frequency. The flash pattern depends on the speed with which the lights blink. It also depends on the number of colors that are available allowing the control box to alternate the colors at fixed intervals. Amongst the colors that are popular are amber, red, blue and green.

A dash lighta comes with a few accessories too. Suction cups, universal swivel brackets, protection hood and a cigarette plug switch for turning it on and off can usually be ordered along with these lights. The number of lights used, too varies a lot. For example one can find 8 head split light bars which have 8 lights, each comprising of an array of 3 or 4 LEDs each. These LEDs bring several other distinct advantages to the assembly, including low power consumption, longevity of life, low cost and low heat dissipation. Visor bracket is another accessory that is available for these lights. Most of the LEDs are 1W LEDs which consume very less energy and are hence extremely useful, cost and energy efficient when used for emergency vehicle lighting.

Although it is possible to find halogen light bars, and also the use of xenon in a dash light, the ones using LED are extremely popular currently. Tow truck lights, strobe lights and vanguard light bars are all seen using LEDs that offer high intensity light. When used on the dashboards, these high intensity light emitting diodes offer about 20% more brightness than their halogen counterparts with comparable or sometimes lower energy consumption. This is what has tilted the balance in the favor, because carrying additional batteries or using up more electricity is always something that is avoidable.

A dash light also comes with colored modules which use lenses and chrome reflectors which enhance the light and make it look brighter. Some of these lights have an aerodynamic design with an excellent finish achieved through hard anodization, justifying their use on the front of a vehicle. One can also go for directional traffic system lights both on the rear as well as in the vanguard. Warning and flashing patterns can easily be changed and customized based on the requirement.

A dash light usually comes with a simple control box that can alter the flash pattern, change the frequency of blinking, vary the pulse cycles etc. You can also purchases a universal mounting kit along with these lights and a cord that comes with the whole set. LEDs that are used for dashboard lighting are bright and sleek, offering great visibility on the darkest of nights especially for cop vans which might not always be traversing on brightly lit alleys. The LEDs are eco friendly and conserve a lot of energy and their brilliant radiance can be dazzling at most times.