Do You Recognize Early Warning Signs of Water Damage?

Owning a home is rewarding, but I have never heard it referred to as being easy. There are many responsibilities that are involved in home ownership, and none of them are negotiable. As a matter of fact, if you drop the ball and do not take all necessary steps in maintaining your home, the results will more than likely be horrible. One of the most important responsibilities you have to your home is keeping it from experiencing water damage, and the best way you can do that is by learning to recognize the early warning signs before chaos sets in.

It in not a hard task to learn to recognize early warning signs of water damage before disaster strikes, as the most important step in the process is simply learning to be aware of the current condition of your home from time to time. Routine inspections are what keep small water related issues from turning into overwhelming disasters that reel out of control. Your biggest obstacle in doing this will be obtaining the ability to practice self-accountability. You will have to make this an important habit to perform often and the more times that you go through your home seeing no trace of signs related with water damage, the harder it will probably be for you to continue understanding that this is not a waste of time. Just remember that it is the single most important thing you now do out of habit and always will be.

Now that you understand the importance of being aware of these warning signs early on, let’s consider what some of the signs may be. The first sign will also be the most obvious, and that is the presence of water already. If you happen to run across any areas that are wet or even slightly damp, then you know that water is the cause and it must be coming from somewhere. This is an easy clue that you have a leak somewhere in your home, and more than likely related with the plumbing. Burst pipes and loose fittings contribute to most of the water damage issues reported each year by home owners. This is a sign that doesn’t seem like it should be referred to as early by any means, but it can be and if you notice it you need to respond immediately.

Another sign that will make more since when being coined early will be any discolorations in the walls or ceiling. Many times you may have the start to a new water leak from an upper level floor such as a second story or attic and your first real sign of the water being present will usually be a stain that appears first much like a shadow and will begin to darken as more water comes into contact with that area. This is something that you need to respond to quickly as well. If you do not seek out the source of the water that is causing these water spots to appear or your walls or ceiling quickly, you may be replacing some building materials as a result.

Pay close attention to excessive moisture or humidity in the air. Moisture and high levels of humidity can cause water related damage just as bad as water leaks themselves can. If you happen to notice these types of signs, you want to respond right away by opening some windows and circulating the moisture out of the room and ushering fresh air in with the use of fans.

By learning what early warning signs of possible water damage are, you are more equipped to take good care of your home and keep it free from the tragedy that comes with water related issues.