Friday Fax Number 93

MAY 22, 1998 ................................................................................................................................... NUMBER 93




It may sound silly, but the "forces" that want to undermine IDEA and open the statute any way they can, are still working against IDEA. And they are not going to quit!! The Big Bad Wolf (BBW) pretends to be nice. He lures us in with good rhetoric, but just like little red riding hood he wants to eat us up and spit us out. That translates into--put kids out of school or out into alternative schools so that school systems don't have to deal with difficult kids.

Do not be confused. Take the law back. Leave our law alone and let it be implemented and educate our children.

The BBWs have out spent, out lettered, and out talked us so far. They have convinced members of Congress that the law, IDEA, is too costly; the law is too hard to implement; the parents want too much for their children. The BBW wants to swallow your kid and spit him/her outside of the school yard. (This equals cessation of services). Do not be confused by the wolf in sheep's clothing

Every single amendment for IDEA that we have had does not have to do with guns and drugs. All roads lead to cessation of services. It allows the BBW to get rid of kids.

NPND has been informed that the leaders of the BBW organization have begun sustained pressure on all Congressional leaders, and also on the Secretary of Education. One strategy has been to influence the way the Regulations will turn out. The overall message though is to open the statute.


We want to develop a number of response teams who will commit to sending in information every week until this Congress adjourns (Fall '98). The BBW's are not about to quit--so neither should we! We want parents, family members, educators, friends and advocates to recognize that this crisis isn't going away. We can't be sending you an ALERT every time we turn around. So let's make a plan that will work and execute it!!

ARE YOU WILLING TO JOIN???? (choose your team)

The "P" Team-these are the folks who get every one they know to circulate or sign, or both, the PLEDGE--IDEA WORKS. You may download it from the NPND website or call (202) 434-8686 and request a copy.

The "E" Team-these are the E-Mailers. These are the folks who tell their Congressional leaders an ongoing story via cyberspace.

The "F" team-these are the Fax hounds that love to FAX it.

It should be the same strategy in all cases.

Tell the world that IDEA is a good law and how it works for your child and what it has done for your family. Have you used the law to get services for your son or daughter??? Tell them.

All of this information is on the NPND website. Call the NPND offices if you need help at (202) 434-8693. Also, call your local Parent Training and Information Center for assistance. Just Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


_____ "T" Team _____ "P" Team

_____ "E" Team _____ "F" Team

I will communicate _________ times each week.

My name_____________________________________________

My state______________________________________________

Fax this form to (202) 638-7299, or send via E-mail


The following information on Child Care, Child Health Care and other information related to children are currently available on the NPND website. Check them out:

Child Care

Child Health Care

Additional Information on Children

STAND FOR CHILDREN (Stand for Quality Child Care)

Stand for Children has created a telephone campaign to urge support of our U.S. Senators for quality affordable child Care.

Call for FREE between now and June 12, 1998

Call your U.S. Senators for FREE - 1-888-38STANDUP from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time

Tell your Senators to STAND UP for quality, affordable child care and support a $20 billion increase in guaranteed funds to the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) to help states meet the needs of working families and improve the quality of child care and after-school programs.

Check out the STAND FOR CHILDREN Website for more information:


The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation sponsors a Public Policy Fellowship for outstanding professionals and parents who have demonstrated an interest in how policy is developed in Washington. This one year fellowship carries a tradition of contribution to the policy making process, working with members of Congress and their staff or key Executive Branch Agencies.

Interested professionals and/or parent leaders in the field who have demonstrated commitment to persons with mental retardation and their families, and who would be interested in this intensive, year long opportunity should apply.

Past Public Policy Fellows have assisted with the Developmental Disabilities Act, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Goals 2000, Health Care efforts and with Administration efforts in broad policy areas.

Should you know of outstanding individuals, or if you are interested, please forward their/your resume and at least two letters of recommendation to the Foundation to the attention of The Public Policy Fellowship Program (see full address below). Applications should be received by June 22, 1998.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Executive Vice President

The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation

1325 G Street, N.W. Suite 500

Washington, D.C. 20005-4709

Attention: Public Policy Fellowship Program

For more detailed information check out the NPND website.


The MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH BUREAU, whose roots date back to the Children's Bureau originating in 1909, provides leadership for America's children and families as authorized by Title V of the Social Security Act in 1935. Since its early beginnings, the MCHB has been working hard to improve health and assure high quality health services access for present and future generations of mothers, infants, children and adolescents, including those with disabilities and chronic illnesses, with special attention to those of low income or with limited availability of health services. In the next millennium, we will renew our resolve to achieve one goal: comprehensive, coordinated, family-centered, and culturally sensitive systems of community-based health care that serve the diverse needs of all of America's children and their families.

As part of this effort, the DIVISION OF SCIENCE, EDUCATION, AND ANALYSIS is pleased to announce the availability of strategic investments of a cooperative nature for leadership education excellence in continuing education and development. For fiscal year 1998, cooperative agreement grant support is available for seven maternal and child health priority areas:

(1) Leadership and Advocacy -to capture the wisdom of today's child health champions at the dawn of the new millennium and create an enduring legacy;

(2) Health Policy -to assure an integrated contextual perspective for child health policies;

(3) Bright Futures Health Education and Dynamic Learning -to educate children about healthful behaviors and make health promotion and prevention "fun to learn and practice;"

(4) Bright Futures Child Cognitive and Psychosocial Development -to convey new scientific knowledge and the excitement of discovery related to the new neurobiology;

(5) Community Practitioners as Educators in the Pedi-Corps - to retain the highly skilled maternal and child health professionals, enhance community capacity for providing quality child health services, and strengthen community-based partnerships through new alliances;

(6) Bright Futures Challenges and Innovations -to address the context of a rapidly and dramatically changing environment, articulate important trends nationally and regionally, and adapt community-based child health care programs to respond to these needs; and,

(7) Emergency Medical Services for Children -to improve regional capacity to provide comprehensive emergency medical services for children and to promote the transfer and utilization of information about optimal emergency care of children.

The complete guidance can be found on the MCHB web site at -- Applications due by 7/1/98.

CCD HAS A NEW WEBSITE (check it out)

The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities has a new website:

. It will be up and running by Friday, May 29th.