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March 6, 1998 .........................................................................................No. 84


Chairmans Goodling and Jeffords led their peers in a resounding commitment to insure the continued growth in Federal funding to support Special Education Programs nationwide. Joining the committee chairs were the following members from the House and Senate, Senators Gregg, Frist, Coats and Collins, along with Representative Riggs, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families, spoke in favor of a $6B increase over the next 5 years. All speakers were critical of the Presidents lack of support to IDEA in his l 998 Budget.

On Thursday, Feb 26, House & Senate Republicans discussed the Clinton Administration's special education cuts and priorities at a press conference.

NPND Speaks Out

The President of the Board of NPND, Debra Johnson and the Executive Director, Patricia McGill Smith expressed support for increased funding of IDEA at the Press Conference Below, is the text of NPND's Press Release.

The NPND today expressed their support of funding for services provided to students with disabilities under IDEA. From its origin twenty years ago, the intent of the legislation was to insure that children with disabilities receive the services necessary for an appropriate education, and for States and districts to receive sufficient funds to enable them to provide that education. Congress has made a strong effort to insure that children with disabilities are provided those supports by recommending the needed increases in Special Education funding

Debra Johnson, President of the Board of NPND, stressed that the needs of ALL children must be addressed. No group of children or youth should have funding support depleted or denied to support programs for other children or youth. Children with disabilities also benefit from Title I, bilingual education, vocational education, and Goals 2000, as retell as new and informative approaches to educators In fact, in the most recent reauthorization, IDEA was amended to parallel acid be consistent with the overall systemic school reform thrust of these of her federal initiates. All of these programs must be provided with the federal financial support necessary to insure quality opportunities for students to reach high standards

On June 4, 1997, President Clinton stated, "The IDEA has been the driving force behind the simple idea that every American citizen is a person of dignity arid worth, having a spirit and a soul, and having the right to develop his or her full capacities. "As a concerned Nation, we can not allow the educational needs of children with disabilities to be ignored. A significant increase in Finding for IDEA is crucial to help schools implement the new requirements and maximize the educational opportunities of all children with disabilities.

Representatives Jeffords and Goodling Speak Out

Remarks from Chairman Jeffords (R-VT). "...Recognizing the importance of a promise made in 1975, when Bill Goodling and I first Joined the Congress, Republicans set a goal to provide 40% of the excess cost of educating children with disabilities by 2004... We are fully committed to reaching our goal. We are proud of it. I thought the Administration would join us in acknowledging that providing a well-funded education for children with disabilities transcends politics "

Remarks Tom Chairman Goodling (R-PA). "Twenty-three years ago the US Congress made the historic decision to support children and families with social educational needs. In passing IDEA, Congress not only brought federal aid to children with disabilities; it also mandated that communities fund special ed at much higher levels. ...Unfortunately the Clinton Administration has backed away from the federal commitment to special ed."

PARENTS AND ADVOCATES the budget process to fund Special Ed goes on. We are greatly encouraged to hear such strong support of the programs for our children. Convey your support of these budget plans. Thank our leaders for the 64% increase in the past 2 years. Keep it going! ! ! !

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Work incentives Improvement Act (WIIA) for '98

Parent Consumer Conference Call

DRAFT PROPOSAL of Legislation

On Tuesday, 10 March at 1:30 PM, EST. NPND will host a parent consumer conference call with Senators Jeffords and Kennedy. The purpose of this call is to give parents and consumers an opportunity to share their ideas and input into this new, proposed legislation Information regarding WIIA can be found under the "Legislation" section on the NPND website.

Spots are available on a first come first serve basis. Make a reservation by the close of business on Monday, March 9. You may either return this form by fax (202) 638-0509 OR E-MAIL the information to Patty Smith, Executive Director, NPND at

The dial-in telephone number for the conference call is (816) 650-0779. This "816 call-in is a 50% split cost to the caller and NPND."


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