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Yesterday, at the White House, Justin Dart received the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom; the highest award that an American can receive. Justin is the first American to receive this award for his untiring work for people with disabilities and their families.

Justin addressed the 125 members of the CCD by phone at their annual meeting on Tuesday. In his remarks he told his beloved colleagues.

“As you know, President Clinton has announced that he will give me the Medal of Freedom. I accept this honor not for myself, but as a symbolic representation of the fundamental principles of democracy which I share with the President and with you. Most of all, I accept it as fitting tribute to your sacrifices and dedication over the years for the rights and empowerment of people with and without disabilities. This medal belongs to each one of you.”

From our community, Justin you are the most deserving!

Congratulations, Justin!


The NPND Regs review has been completed. The Regs review was worked on through a process of a number of phone calls. Hundreds of individuals were involved in this process, including: parent leaders and parent advocates, representatives from the Department of Education, Universities, Law Centers, and Advocacy organizations. We appreciate everyone’s time and input.

The final comments, as well as the transmittal letter, will be posted next week on the NPND website. The transmittal letter will include an outline of the top 10 items. Please feel free to use any or all of the information contained in this letter to assist with writing your personal responses to the Regs. Responses are due by the 20th. REMEMBER...the Feds count the number of responses.


For another rich source of information on “what’s going on in Washington” , check out the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) Home Page. The CCD is a coalition of approximately 100 national disability organizations working together to advocate for national public policy that ensures the self- determination, independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in all aspects of society.


Clinton child care initiative excludes children with disabilities!!!!

This week, President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton proposed a major child care initiative, arguably the single largest national commitment to child care in the history of the United States. The purpose of this initiative is to make child care more affordable and accessible, to raise the quality of child care, and to assure the safety of care for millions of children. Despite months of advocacy from Easter Seals and other disability advocates, the Clinton Child Care initiative does not include provisions to ensure the meaningful participation of families with children with disabilities.

There is still time for the President to address the concerns of millions of families with children with disabilities. The President will not finalize his child care proposal and send it to Congress until January 27, 1998.

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED: Families are asked to immediately telephone or write the White House and demand that the needs of children with disabilities be made an identified part of this major child care initiative. Please refer to the NPND website for a sample letter. You should call or fax the President and Mrs. Clinton in care of the following offices, the phone and fax numbers are listed below:

(202) 456-2930 (202) 456-6218 (Fax)

(202) 456-6266


Thanks to the staff at Easter Seals for spearheading this work!