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Since the recent announcement of the seven new top-level domain names by the ICANN board in November, several registrars and scam artists are claiming to offer pre-registration services. The new top level domain names are .aero, .biz, .coop., .info, .museum, .name, and .pro.

The selection of these names is only the first step in the actual implementation. It may be months before the names are actually released for public registration. Availability for these new top-level domain names is expected to be in mid-2001.

The Federal Trade Commission has reported that consumers have been receiving unsolicited emails and faxes guaranteeing or implying a significant chance of securing domains with the new top-level domains in exchange for "pre-registration fees". A recent report by the FTC advises consumers to protect themselves and be aware of misleading advertising regarding such pre-registration services. If you want to learn more about the FTC Consumer Alert article, it is available at:

Articles regarding new TLDs and their expected release:

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A new feature has been added to the web site called "Customer Domains". now offers customers the opportunity to promote their domain names online. Any customer who registers or transfers to us can choose to have their name listed under our "Customer Domains" section for FREE. visitors can search for customer owned domain names by keyword and contact the owner regarding the purchase of the name. We take no fees whatsoever for this value added service. It is all included with basic domain registration.

PREMIUM DOMAINS currently has over 30,000 highly marketable domain names available for immediate sale. Search through "Premium Domains" by keyword, or browse it alphabetically or by price range.

Below are a few recently sold premium domain names: 

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Affiliate Tip
Be sure not to clutter your pages with excessive banners and buttons. Too many advertisements in one location will weaken your message of the individual banner. Try to place banners near related text content, mixing static and animated banners so they don't run together, and refresh banners often to retain your visitor interest.

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"This is almost unbelievable...affordable 'domain protection'! I've wanted to register domains for business ideas I have had, but could not afford to do so. I have registered several domains via Network Solutions and Their relatively high fees are a hurdle for me."

-- J. Jellis

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