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Happy Thanksgiving from!

In This Issue...

    Protect Your Rights as a Domain Owner
    Congress Approves Dot-KIDS
    Even More Free Features with Our Hosting is at the Top of the Charts
    Recently Sold Premium Names
    Premium Domains for Sale


Protect Your Rights as a Domain Owner

The WLS is a scheme proposed by VeriSign/NetSol that will create another layer of expense and bureaucracy for the entire domain industry at the expense of the domain consumers. The WLS would allow VeriSign/NetSol to create a monopoly on secondary domains and stifle the free market. This is a blatant attempt to illegally put competitors out of business. Sign the Anti-WLS Petition and protect your rights as a domain owner. Read More about the WLS

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Congress Approves Dot-KIDS

The Senate and the House of Representatives passed a final version of the Dot-Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act, which calls for the creation of a dot-KIDS (i.e., domain name. This new top level domain is intended for child friendly content. NeuStar, the .us registry, will be responsible for this TLD as well. There will be no hyper-links to non .kids domains and virtually no instant messaging features allowed. Read More

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New TLDs to Come

ICANN President, Stuart Lynn, suggests that they are a step closer to the introduction of the next three top level domains (TLDs). Frontrunners include .TRAVEL, .HEALTH, .SHOP, and .NEWS. The most recently approved TLDs are .BIZ, .INFO, .MUSEUM, and .KIDS. ICANN is holding off on the consideration of more controversial extensions. Read More

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Even More Free Features with Our Hosting

BuyDomains is pleased to announce that our standard hosting package now comes with even more free services for the same low price! Customizable email spam filters, unlimited CGI script slideshows, and upgraded Webby 3.0 now come with all our hosting and personalized email packages for the same low price of $15 month.

Customizable Spam Filters allow you to specify lists of emails addresses and domains to always reject or always accept and specify different levels of "smart" spam detection and what to do with junk or spam mail.

CGI Script Slideshow allows you to easily set up image galleries and slideshows for your visitors to view.

Upgraded Webby 3.0 offers a simple and fast method or creating, editing and managing your website at any time, online. The new features include password protection, access restriction management and more. Learn More

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As a customer with, you are already aware of our high standards and quality service. We appreciate your support and encourage you to tell your friends about us. Compare us to any other registrar and see for yourself why is at the top of the charts. Only offers the following unique benefits:

  • 24x7x365 toll-free customer service
  • Free URL and Frame Forwarding
  • Free email forwarding
  • Friendly and knowledgeable people ready to help you at any time
  • Low Cost - Even the cheapest registrars will save you less than $1/month over, and at a much lower service level.
  • Security - is the registrar of choice for many Fortune500 companies and tens of thousands of elite domains because of our high level of service and security

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Recently Sold Premium Names  

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Thank you Shannon. has already proven in a short period of time to be much superior in service than Verisign as well as more willing to support individuals like myself who sometimes may need additional support beyond the website.

I think that is very fortunate to have young professionals like yourself, Jim and Sylvia representing them and also please send them both my regards, for their support and cooperation during my most stressful crisis with Verisign.

I already look forward to speaking to you again next week and sincerely hope that I have the opportunity to keep working with you directly through the remainder of my complete transfer and consolidation phase from Verisign to

Sincerely, Rafael

Thanks for all your support!
We pride ourselves on giving top quality service. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can improve our products and services using our Feedback Form or complete an online survey.

-- The Staff

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