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BUYDOMAINS.COM UPDATE Brokers it's 2500th Domain!
    The Facts About Transferring your Domains
    Date Changes for .biz and .info
    Beware of Fraudulent FBI Emails
    Australia Gets Competitive: .au Competitive Model Approved
    Recently Sold Premium Names
    Hot Domains for Sale: The 2008 Olympic Summer Games in China

BUYDOMAINS.COM UPDATE Brokers it's 2500th Domain! is proud to announce that on July 16th our brokerage service hit the 2,500 mark in Premium domain name sales. When James Jones of the U.K. typed in, he instantly learned that the name was for sale at and proceeded to make a smooth and secure online purchase. James purchased for $1288, and within 24 hours he had complete control of his new domain. He also chose to take advantage of our free url forwarding, so his new name points to another one of his existing websites. is currently pointed to a U.K. site warning consumers about credit repair companies, however, James is in the process of personally developing an online consumer help library containing valuable information and advice. Like most of our customers, James was pleased with our "straightforward purchase process and site design". He also admitted that it was surprisingly much easier than he had anticipated. We wish James great success with his new online venture and thank him for our industry leading 2500th transaction.

To get your own premium name, please visit:

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Facts About Transferring your Domains

Many consumers in the domain industry are not aware of the many benefits that can arise from transferring their domains. To help our customers understand the importance and benefits associated with transferring to, we've added a new Transfer FAQ section to our site at If you are unfamiliar or unhappy with the service that other registrars are offering you, we highly recommend that you take a moment and read these valuable FAQs. If you have multiple domains with multiple registrars, you should seriously consider consolidating them all at We make it easy for you to manage and renew your entire portfolio of names with a simple click! By logging into your own control panel, you can access all your names and make changes on the fly.

Transfer your domains today.

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Date Changes for .biz and .info

Mark your calendars-the claim and registration periods have been altered for the .biz and .info TLDs. The .biz claiming period has been extended to allow more trademark and service mark holders to take advantage of the Intellectual Property service. Both the early and standard registration dates for .biz and .info have also been affected. The new dates are as follows:

  • Aug. 6, 2001: End of .biz Claiming Period
  • July 24, 2001 - Aug. 28, 2001: Early Registration for .info
  • July 24, 2001 - Sept. 17, 2001: Early Registration for .biz
  • Sept. 19, 2001: Standard .info Registration Begins
  • Oct. 16, 2001: Standard .biz Registration Begins

Registration dates for the other five new TLDs have yet to be determined. If you haven't claimed your .biz brand, now is your last chance. Go to and protect your online identity!

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Beware of Fraudulent FBI Emails

If you recently received email that appeared to be from someone at the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), please examine it carefully. If it asks for credit card information, DO NOT RESPOND! Recently, numerous people have received emails from addresses containing "fbi" and" requesting credit card information. These email addresses are not valid. The FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) warns that the FBI does not solicit credit card information via email, and that it is not responsible for these occurrences. Unfortunately, such email scams are fairly common. Just remember, it is never a good idea to send credit card or account information in an unsecured email.

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Australia Gets Competitive: .au Competitive Model Approved

In order to decrease prices and improve services, the .au Domain Administration (auDA) board has approved a competitive plan similar to the .com domain. Companies wishing to offer second-level .au domains must be accredited and meet certain standards set by the auDA. Once accredited, the new registrars can offer any combination of second-level .au names that they wish. The auDA will regulate the domain and its WHOIS database. We will keep you informed as to when this competitive structure will go into effect.

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On July 12, ICANN released its first At-Large Membership Study Discussion Paper. The committee was established to examine issues surrounding individual participation and representation in ICANN's policy-making procedures. The paper basically states that yes, individual users should be allowed to participate, and yes, individual users should be represented on ICANN's board. However, the paper makes no definitive recommendation about how an At-Large membership should be structured. Instead, it lists certain goals that the membership structure must meet and asks for additional input on a wide variety of concerns, such as conflict-of-interest provisions and staff accountability. This is your opportunity to speak up and add to the discussion. Take a few moments to read over the report and add your two cents, because this decision will have a large impact on the domain governing body.

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Recently Sold Premium Names ** 2500th Sale **

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This week's quote comes from a frustrated, former NSI customer who happened to cc us on his response to NSI when he was attempting to transfer his domains.

TO: Network Solutions
(from their ex-customer)

Subject: Change of Registrar

Which class do you fall into? Are you more stupid than incompetent, or more incompetent than stupid? I couldn't answer because you routed my email into your bit bucket, and you KNOW I couldn't receive that message to confirm it. We WILL change all 60 domains we control away from your quasi-fraud manipulations. You guys are dead, You're yesterday's news. You have competent competition at HALF the price and no fake corporate tricks to try to keep your accounts. The more you try to force accounts into your service the more will run from your grasp. You are hereby instructed to release my domain to the new registrar and NEVER try to hold my business by force again.

R. Edwin Russell
July 10, 2001

Thanks for all your support!
We pride ourselves on giving top quality service. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can improve our products and services using our Feedback Form or complete an online survey.

-- The Staff

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