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    Will New.Net Survive the TLD Battle?
    More TLDs Means More Confusion
    Dot-Net Opportunities Abound
    The Benefits of Frame Forwarding
    Recently Sold Premium Names
    Hot Domains for Sale - Computer & Technology/Professional Services
    $300 Cash Prize for Embedded Tools Partners
    Featured Partner - TheInternetUtility


Will New.Net Survive the TLD Battle?, a new domain name company that hatched from the Idealab! Internet Incubator last May faces controversy regarding their alternative TLDs and clearly conflicts with the ICANN-accredited domains., based in Pasadena, California, offers about 20 domains including, dot-kids, dot-chat, dot-shop, dot-sport, and dot-xxx. Although these domains may have received popular votes in the ICANN running for newly released TLDs, they are very different from those sold by ICANN-approved registrars. requires a software patch by UltraDNS that all users must download and install for their browsers to access the new sites. In addition to the hassle surrounding the required browser plug-in, domains are $25 each, compared to the competitive $16 price to register Com, Net and Org names via Not only are prices higher, but these domains cannot even take advantage of the many common domain features, such as hosting and email and URL forwarding.

The largest worry among ISPs regarding's existence is that they are contradicting the theory that the Internet is supposed to be a global network where everyone can access everyone's site. If every company were to create their own domain network with required browser plug-ins, multiple, independent communities would be created and web sites and Internet users would only become more isolated and limited. So, while the few may have access to their small network of sites, the entire world can still access the ICANN-accredited domains like .com .net and .org that can be registered via now.

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More Domains Means More Confusion

The recent development of new domain schemes, and the delay in the launch of additional TLDs has lead to widespread confusion and controversy. While creates two separate Internet communities, new TLDs and foreign-character domain names create more legal and trademark issues and domain disputes continue to rise leading to confusing and questionable legal lessons.

Read more about these and other current domain issues:

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Dot-Net Opportunities Abound

While most of the very best dot-com domains are only available via secondary markets like our premium domains brokerage services, there are still loads of great .net domains for original registration and via the secondary market. Dot-net domains have been widely accepted and used in Internet commerce for years. Unlike TLDs and the proposed new ICANN TLDs, dot-net domains are meaningful and gaining more respect every day. Your web site is part of a network offering whatever services you provide and .net domains in fact reach the entire world's Internet network. So far, alternative TLDs and proposed new TLDs serve no purpose. They are not approved, available, in circulation, or even meaningful for the most part. When that changes will be the first place to come to and get the best prices and services on any usable new TLDs or alternative TLDs. Until then, if you want to conduct business online or speculate in domains, load up on the dot-net domains and continue to search for Premium Dot-Com Domains by keyword or category at

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The Benefits of Frame Forwarding

Every $16 domain name registration comes with a suite of value added services. Frame Forwarding allows you to take a newly registered domain name and point it to your existing web site without having to pay for added hosting fees. For example, it is very difficult, if not impossible to market and draw traffic to web addresses such as

Free Frame Forwarding allows you to point your new domain name, to any existing web address. So, when visitors type in they are automatically directed to your existing web address without even seeing or knowing your original web address - like the long complex addresses used at free hosting services or at your company's prior domain name.

Frame Forwarding is an important feature when it comes to marketing your online business and drawing traffic to your web site - since unlimited URLs can be forwarded to your site with separate meta tags and keywords for search engine placement. To learn more about this feature and other free value added services provided by, visit Free Value-Added Services

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