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New TLDs - 0% Product, 100% Hype
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ICANN UPDATE - New TLDs - 0% Product, 100% Hype

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is holding public meetings this week in Melbourne, Australia. Much of the agenda has been set aside to discuss the release of several new TLDs. The growing sentiment against opening up the market to these new TLDs has even drawn concern from the US Department of Commerce.

So where does stand on this issue? As mentioned in the past, we continue to believe that the .com is here to stay. Although new TLDs will inevitably become available, the legal issues related to them will be a serious hurdle to overcome. Patent and trademark issues as well as disputes over the ability to sell these names are problems that must be resolved before they will be available to the public.

To read CEO, Mike Mann's opinion on the TLD controversy, visit:

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INDUSTRY UPDATE - BulkRegister Forced to Slash Staff

In an attempt to control losses, cut over 50% of its staff this week, including CEO Tony Keyes. Co-founder Paul Judge said that the jobs were cut due to the company's "ferocious" burn rate and will help the company move towards profitability.

While this may be typical of many companies recently in the domain name registration industry, continues to flourish. Our list of Premium Domain Names continues to grow, exceeding 35,000 highly marketable names! By representing one of the largest privately held collections in the world, has clearly affirmed its place as the Leader in Virtual Real Estate. As the shakeout continues, rest assured, will be here to offer you the finest services and prices.

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Names that are selling
Below are a few recently sold premium domain names:

Featured Premium Domains
With St. Patrick's Day and March Madness right around the corner, we decided to feature Irish and basketball related domain names.

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Search through over 35,000 highly marketable premium domain names by alphabet, price, subject or keyword. Get your domain name today!


Partner Tip

As the Partner Program continues to grow, several Embedded Tools Partners are adding features that allow the customer to more easily access their domain registration tools and services. A suggested tip for all Embedded Tools Partners is to add the Domain Name Login feature to your site. By adding this simple, free button to your site, you will allow your customers to access their domain control panel from your site, where they originally registered their name.

Featured Partner

Our Featured Partner this month, provides his customers with instant access to their control panel by placing the Domain Name Login button directly below his embedded tools. Visit and click on Domain Registration to see how you too can enhance your registration tools by adding the Login Feature to your site.

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Join our Partner Program and instantly offer $16 domain name registration services directly from your web site for free! Learn more about how you can become an Embedded Tools Partner.

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     "Thanks for providing such a great service. You guys are the best in my eyes and I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know that has used other domain registration services."

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