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The UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently ruled that the merchandising company for the National Basketball Association had no property rights to the domain name The name was originally owned by a software company, but was put on hold by Network Solutions pending the results of this case. Since it was determined that the name was not purchased in bad faith, the current owner, Adirondack Software Corp., is not required to follow through with the transfer process.

To learn more about this case visit:

Although VeriSign Inc. already accepts domain names written in the Chinese language, the Chinese government continues to claim that they are the only entity with rights to these names. China has been threatening to use the same names that are currently registered and used in the U.S. in China as well. This will require different servers to point to different sites for the very same web address, clearly forcing China to isolate itself from the rest of world.

For the entire article visit:

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ICANN is seeking candidates to fill the position of director of the Address Support Organization (ASO). This position is one of five elected positions on the ICANN board. The remaining 13 members will remain on the board pending the end of an at-large study. Meanwhile, ICANN's credibility has been challenged by the dispute between Verio and about "Whois" access. Verio is petitioning to have's accreditation terminated because its policies violate the ICANN agreement.

For more about current ICANN news visit:,4164,2671589,00.html

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***Attention Partners*** Please note changes to the Partners section of the site. The Partnership Program is the same in essence, although some names have been changed. For example: the Co-Branded Affiliate has become Embedded Tools Partner. Corresponding changes to the Partnership Program Agreement have been made.

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I just wanted to tell you that we have switched over to because of eternal frustration with Network Solutions. And let me tell you that our IT department is ecstatic with the ease of operation in getting things switched over to your location. In fact, just this morning they were saying that our www site got switched within 6 MINUTES of their sending an e-mail over to you.

They wanted me to specifically thank you for running a tight ship and having such a crack technical staff. Kudos go to you all.

Kind regards,
Phil Collyer, President
Greater DC Cares

THANKS Phil and The Team at Greater DC Cares!

We pride ourselves on giving top quality service and customer satisfaction. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can improve our products and services using our Feedback Form

-- The Staff

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