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When it comes to interior decor, one of the more popular styles is country. Country decor can include a variety of styles. Some people like to focus ont he more wild west angle, while some love the gingham cloth and wild flowers. No matter what your country taste is, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when decorating your home.

Some of the best ideas for country decor can come from visiting flea markets. As you walk through the market, you can find items that inspire your country theme. An old lantern could make you think about horses, miners, as well as just the old carriages. Whatever it is that grabs your attention is a good sign of what you will enjoy building a theme around at home.

Many people like the country theme because it is about a more simple time in life, it has a lot of light, and can be relaxing. It tells your visitors to sit back and relax, shoot the breeze, and enjoy a good time.

Many people will choose a specific farm animal for their country themed decor. They may like roosters and hens, or pigs, some like cows, others will focus on the country cat.

Other people will focus on the plants. Some will design around herbs, or certain flowers, like the sunflower. Food is another favorite as well. Many people use corn and pumpkins in their country decorating ideas. No matter what it is that you enjoy about the country, you can being it home and merge it into your design.

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