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                     ADVOCACY/ ORGANIZATIONS

Parent Training Information Centers - Federally funded under IDEA, PTI's are located in every state. Available for Information, resource and advocacy.

Community Parent Resource Centers - Much in the same manner of a PTI, CPRC's are local assistance

PEPP,Inc - The United Parent Syndicate on Disabilities a national program of parents Educating Parents and Professionals located in Douglasville, Georgia.

AAPD - Three words that best describe the American Association of People with Disabilities: Unity, Leadership and Impact . . .
Unity, leadership and impact are the hopes and convictions of people with disabilities and are necessary to ensure the future of inclusion promised by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

ADAPT - ADAPT has a long history of organizing in the disability community and using civil disobedience and similar non- violent direct action tactics to achieve its goals. In 1983, as a project of the Atlantis Community in Denver, ADAPT began its national campaign for lifts on buses and access to public transit for people with disabilities. ADAPT started as American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit. For seven years ADAPT blocked buses in cities across the US to demonstrate the need for access to public transit. Many went to jail for the right to ride. 

CEC - The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides continual professional development, advocates for newly and historically underserved individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

DREDF - Founded in 1979 by people with disabilities and parents of children with
disabilities, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc.
(DREDF) is a national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and
advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation,
litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of
attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with

MIUSA - As a US-based national non-profit organization, the mission of Mobility International USA (MIUSA) is to empower people with disabilities around the world through international exchange, information, technical assistance and training, and to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in international exchange and development programs.

NICHCY - NICHCY is the national information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. Our special focus is children and youth (birth to age 22). 

PACER - The mission of PACER Center is to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents. With assistance to individual families, workshops, and materials for parents and professionals,
and leadership in securing a free and appropriate public education for all children, PACER's work affects and encourages families in Minnesota and across the nation.





ADA- U.S. Department of Justice
Americans with Disabilities Act

IDEA - An overview of the bill, a summary of the bill, and a brief set
of frequently asked questions and answers are provided for
people interested in having a broad understanding of some
of the changes in IDEA'97.

THOMAS - Acting under the directive of the leadership of the 104th Congress to make Federal legislative information freely available to the Internet public, a Library of Congress team brought the THOMAS World Wide Web system online in January 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress. Searching capabilities in THOMAS were built on the InQuery information retrieval system,
developed by the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval based at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and now available commercially from Sovereign Hill Software. 

                     GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS

DOE - Our mission, as a Department of Education, is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans.

OSERS - The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) supports programs that assist in educating children with special needs, provides for the rehabilitation of youth and adults with disabilities, and supports research to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

SSA - The Social Security Administration treats all calls confidentially--whether they're made to our toll-free numbers, or to one of our local offices. We also want to make sure that you receive accurate and courteous service. That is why we have a second Social Security representative monitor some incoming and outgoing telephone calls.


REPRESENTATIVE - Legislation includes information related to presidential
vetoes and Congressional Gold Medal Recipients.

SENATE - The United States Constitution requires that a U.S. Senator be at least
thirty years of age, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the
state from which he or she is chosen. Originally, the Constitution also provided that state legislatures would elect Senators, but in 1913 the Seventeenth
Amendment established direct election of Senators by the people. 

WHITE HOUSE - America's 43rd President, George W. Bush, and First Lady Laura Bushwelcome you to the White House. 


FIRST GOV - Welcome to FirstGov — the first-ever government website to provide the public with easy, one-stop access to all online U.S. Federal Government resources. This cutting-edge site gives the American people the
"Information Age" government they deserve. By using the wonders of
information technology to bring government closer to the American
people, we can expand the reach of democracy and make government
more responsive to citizens. 

Presidential Task Force On Employment of Adults With Disabilities - "By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to increase the employment of adults with disabilities to a rate that is as close as possible to the employment rate of the general
adult population and to support the goals articulated in the findings and purpose section of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, it is hereby ordered the establishment of the Presidential Task Force on the Employment of Adults with Disabilities." 

PROJECT VOTE-SMART - Our web site provides instant access to our database on candidates and issues along with presidential candidate speeches (searchable by keyword and phrase), our publications (full text), youth inclusion program (where you can match your issue responses with those of the candidates) and links to all the best sites on the Internet with government and political information. You can even register to vote or find out who your candidates are by putting
in your zip code.

RecruitABILITY is a new service of It is dedicated to "Bridging the Disability Divide" in employment. It is located at

AbilityHub is an Assistive Technology related web site for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. AbilityHub is a firm starting point for finding information concerning Assistive Technology.





AHCPR - AHRQ, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the lead agency charged with supporting research designed to improve the quality of healthcare, reduce its cost, improve patient safety, decrease medical errors, and broaden access to essential services. AHRQ sponsors and conducts research
that provides evidence-based information on healthcare outcomes; quality; and cost, use, and access. The information helps healthcare decision makers—patients and clinicians, health system leaders, and policymakers—make more informed decisions and improve the quality of healthcare services.

Therapist Finder - With Therapist Finder you can locate Chiropractors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Counselors, and
more specializing in Attention Deficit Disorders, Anxiety Disorders,
Substance Abuse Disorders, Weight Loss, and everything in between.

NPND is pleased to alert you to an exciting new online recruiting site for job seekers with disabilities.
RecruitABILITY is a new service of It is dedicated to "Bridging the Disability Divide" in employment. It is located at
People with disabilities can post their resumes and browse the job postings for free. There is also great advice and resources on other job search strategies.
Any employer can search the resumes for free. They can also post jobs and get great tips on how to effectively recruit people with disabilities. Companies such as  Bank of America, IBM, Microsoft, Aetna and Manpower are enthusiastically supporting this initiative!
Please alert people with disabilities in your network to this great new service.


                                     NEWS/ MEDIA

- WeMedia Inc. ( is the leading media company covering issues important to the millions of people with disabilities interested in a quality life without compromise. After four decades
of extensive work with the disability community, Jerome Belson and Cary Fields established the company in 1997. Both founders are committed to providing increased access to information, products and services to people with disabilities, their families and friends. The Company continues to develop a variety of media properties encompassing print, interactive, broadcast, and wireless communications. 

DISABILITY NEWS SERVICE - The Disability News Service, Inc., (DNS), a Virginia corporation, is located in Chantilly, Virginia. The company is the first for-profit, disabled-owned news service in the United States to regularly provide
disability-related news and information to the national media. 

DISABILITY.GOV - July 26, 2000, marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In celebration of this milestone, the Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities created this site,, to provide one-stop online access to resources, services, and information available throughout the Federal government.