The Friday Facts 

January 5, 2001                                   Issue #7

A weekly news bulletin form the National Parent Network on Disabilities 



In May of 1997, President Clinton dedicated the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial. On January 10, 2001 President Clinton will dedicate the fifth room of the memorial. A room that will complete the circle of who FDR really was, and forever stand as a motivational monument to all people disabled and not. Crafted by one of the original artists, Robert Graham of Venice, California- a bronze life-size statue of FDR in his wheelchair will now be as much a part of the memorial, as his disability was a part of his life. In 1921, at the age of 39, FDR was stricken with polio and never took another unassisted step. A President who was elected for 4 terms, led the nation out of the Great Depression and through World War II, he did it all from his wheelchair. FDR adjusted to living with his disability; it shaped his character and made him a more able President whose historic accomplishments changed the world.

It is only fitting that, this part of his life be a part of his memorial.


"The Family Opportunity Act has no known negatives, so if there are no known negatives
we ought to just pass the FOA.  It is just common sense."  Senator Grassley

" This is a bipartisan bill and I am giving you my pledge to continue to move this bill forward." Senator Kennedy

The FOA may not have made it out of last session, but it did not die. Senator Grassley, Senator Kennedy, and Congressman Pete Sessions, thank everybody for their support and give us their pledge that they will continue the fight for our kids.



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That initially the Paralympics of 2000 were not given any American television time. 

That the CBS broadcast special  "Role Models for the 21st Century: The 2000 Paralympic Games", 
a 2 hour retrospective produced by WeMedia, was watched by nearly 10 million people.

That there are many new Legislators and they all deserve CONGRATULATIONS

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