The Friday Fax

a weekly news bulletin from the National Parent Network on Disabilities
AUGUST 2, 1996 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Number 6

IDEA: 1 Day More!

The US Senate is spending one more day before the August recess to complete as much work as possible. Senators Frist and Harkin are still trying to agree on a Managerís Package to get S.1675 to the floor of the Senate for passage. Currently, there are 4 amendments proposed for regular education and 4 for special education in the package. If there is an agreement, the Bill will move with unanimous consent through the Senate. From there, the bill would go to Conference with the House Bill.

If the last minute efforts fail, the Bills are for all intents and purposes, dead! No predictions from NPND: either we will be very busy trying to influence the Conference between the two bills, or we will be planning strategies of how to bring the entire special education committee together to reauthorize in the 105th Congress, January 1997.

The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation is seeking applications for the Parent Public Policy Fellowship Program. Contact Steve Eidelman at the Kennedy Foundation (202-393-1250)for more information.

Unfunded Mandates Report Dropped

The Advisory commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) voted on July 23 not to approve their report on unfunded mandates. ACIR has run out of money and faces a dismal fight to receive continued funding from Congress.

Developmental Disabilities Assistance & Bill of Rights Act Reauthorization Bill Passes in House

On July 24, the House of Representatives Commerce Committee passed the Senate version of the DD Act without any amendments which simply reauthorizes the DD Act for three additional years. On Tuesday,July 30 the DD Act moved to the House Floor by unanimous consent, where it passed by voice vote.

NPND Annual Meeting

An agenda for the September 28-29 Annual Meeting is coming together. We have scheduled a pre-conference training for September 27: Family Friendly Public Policy Workshop. We will be introducing Bright Futures for Families, a new NPND project in which we are helping the Maternal and Child Health Bureau get their Health Supervision Guidelines out to families. We hope to get lots of your input during the conference. Stay tuned for more agenda updates. Hotel Reservations must be made by August 26 to guarantee the room rates. Contact NPND to register and for more information.

Justice for All Rallies

Because of NPNDís intense involvement with IDEA, the target date for the Rallies has been changed. The date for these events across the US is now set as October 26, 1996. For information, or a Rally planning kit, contact NPND.
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