The Friday Facts 

December 21, 2000                                   Issue #5

A weekly news bulletin form the National Parent Network on Disabilities 


In the Millennium… of events, ADA Celebration, IDEA Anniversary, 2000 Paralympics!

Wait, what happened to the Paralympics? Shafted by television, the Internet provided 150 hours of live broadcast.

The TV wants to make up. Listen… The last day of, whatever thing we have going on this year of 2000, is a day you can pre-label “eye of the storm”. The night brings the New Year, while the day brings the soothing mood of knowing it. Taking it easy during the afternoon is what your supposed to do. So chill and check out the amazing events that occurred during the 2000 Paralympic Games.

Athletes from 125 Nations, athletes that are contenders and don’t get paid 250 million dollars, THEY ARE CIVIL RIGHTS! They are everything that was great this year ADA, IDEA… these athletes represent both.

On the last afternoon of the year, Sunday December 31, 2000, CBS will air a 2 hour Special on the Games, “Role models for the 21st Century: The 2000 Paralympic Games”. 

The perfect mood to enter 2001 is after receiving the perfect compliment to you and the past year of your life!


That U.S. sprinter Marion Shirley, a single leg amputee, ran a World Record 11.09 in the 100 meters.
A time that would have nearly beaten the 10.75, of Gold Medal Superstar Marion Jones.

That a decision was made in the Presidential Election.
Happy Millennium?

That one of the Federal Budget Highlights comes in the way of $7 million toward the implementation
of The Work Incentives Improvement Act.

That, "George W. Bush says, 'Promises made will be promises kept.' "Did you get that, here "Read my lips".


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