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 SEPTEMBER 1, 2000   

NO. 201          

Thank You From Patty Smith

Last week I left Washington DC. All of the NPND leaders put on a party that was the most wonderful celebration I have ever attended ...and it was for ME. It was entitled "You Are Not Alone" and held at the Washington Very Special Arts Articulate Gallery. So many of my family, friends and colleagues came out to say, "Bon Voyage" and to celebrate with me. I could have returned to Nebraska without an airplane because I was so happy and so honored. Beginning with wonderful words and gifts from Justin and Yoshiko Dart, followed by a letter from President Clinton, delivered by Jonathon Young, and  then came a deluge of expressions of love, care, remembrance and good wishes.

Thank you to all of my family, friends and colleagues who attended. Special thanks to the NPND Board of Directors for a beautiful torch and plaque and to the NPND staff for a work of art, Buddha statue. (An inside piece of information.....the staff lovingly referred to me as the Buddha, and they were known as the Baby Buddhas). Also, thanks and recognition to the sponsors of the party...they were so generous. Access the NPND website to see the program and poster from the party. And finally, thank you to all of my friends from across the country who have sent wonderful thank yous, thoughts and remembrances of the past. 

Many thanks, Patty

VOTE 2000

Exercising the right to vote as full and equal participants in the democratic process is of great importance to all citizens with disabilities. The National Organization on Disability's VOTE! 2000 Campaign advocates the importance of voting within the disability community. As the disability community establishes itself as a powerful voting bloc, Americans will be all the more ready to accept and encourage all that people with disabilities have to offer the nation. 54 million Americans have some type of disability, and this largest minority in America votes at a rate 20% lower than non-disabled voters.

Register to vote online

  •  (click on "Be a Voter"): National Organization on Disability.

  • Federal Election Commission.

  • WeMedia - register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and learn about your candidates.

  • State Election Resources: Also offers links to Federal and National resources as well.

  • Project Vote Smart:



National Council on Disability Briefings

NCD is conducting regional community briefings around the country to share findings and recommendations on federal enforcement of disability civil rights laws with people with disabilities. The briefings are open to the public, and free of charge, and will focus on NCD's new Ten Point Strategy for the Next Decade of Disability Civil Rights Enforcement. The contact person listed for each city can provide more details and a registration form.

Dates, Times, Locations, Contact/Registration

  • Date/Time: September 6, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Denver Convention Complex
    Contact: Maryann Harvey 303-722-0300

  • Date/Time: September 7, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Egan Center
    Contact: David Fleurant 907-565-1002

  • Date/Time: September 8, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Philadelphia Bar Association
    Contact: Bill Swenson 202-463-2299

  • Date/Time: September 15, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Sheraton Biscayne Bay Hotel
    Contact: Peggy Chavis 706-548-7436

  • Date/Time: September 19, 2000 - 10AM - 4PM
    Location: Federal Reserve Bank Galleria
    Contact: Laurie Ventola 617-236-7210 x182

  • Date/Time: September 21, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Portland Conference Center
    Contact: Kari Bergesen 503-243-2081 x 203

  • Date/Time: September 27, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Rapid City Regional Hospital (West Auditorium)
    Contact: Barb Beck 605-361-3171

  • Date/Time: September 28, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
    Contact: Zakiyyah Wahid 312-413-1493

  • Date/Time: September 28, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall
    Contact: Carlos Garcia 213-427-8747

  • Date/Time: September 29, 2000 - 1PM - 5PM
    Location: Unitarian Church, Unity Temple
    Contact: Caroline Stewart 816-531-7070/877-588-5644

Access the NPND website:  for more detailed information, including location addresses.

Friday Fax is taking a vacation next week, so there will be no news bulletin on September 8, 2000.
 We will be back on September 15th with the latest legislative news and information.

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