The Friday Fax

AUGUST 11, 2000 

NO. 198

This issue of the Friday Fax shares a little bit of information about everything.

Story of Advocacy
Chrissy L. Nelson
Naperville, Illinois

    I began my journey 12 years ago as a nurse caring for an alone special needs child, Stephen. We have lived, loved, laughed, and transformed the many physical and political challenges encountered, into triumphs. We live today outside of the cold walls of institutions because of the many individuals who fight for our rights everyday.
    My thankful heart led me to "the hill" in Washington, DC, where I walked from office to office and thanked each Senator, and staff member for their work in keeping Stephen home. Tears, disbelief, laughter and hugs greeted me as I shared Stephen's smile through words. Some staff members interrupted their Senators, saying "you have got to hear this." Others tried to hold back tears as they realized I had no ulterior motive. I joined Senators in meetings, devotions, press conferences, breakfasts and hearings.
   We, the families affected by disability, are not alone. Everyday someone fights for us. Thank you Senators, thank you NPND. We love you and we honor you with our lives.

Enabling Devices
Toys for Special Children

Enabling Devices, a division of Toys for Special Children, Inc., is a company dedicated to developing affordable learning and assistive devices to help people with disabling conditions. Toys for Special Children has been creating innovative toys and switches for many years. Their expertise in designing electro-mechanical assistive and adaptive devices products for people of all ages enable people with physical challenges to communicate, learn, work, play, and function more easily, effectively, and enjoyably in the world. For more information access their website, 800-832-8697 or e-mail: .

  Share your stories...Please remember to take this opportunity to contact your Senators and Representatives while they are in their home states during the August recess. Let them know how current legislation affects you and your family. You have a voice in a Democracy? Access the NPND website for more information on current legislation, as well as other important issues. 

Vote 2000 Campaign 
 Getting Out the Disability Vote

If Americans with disabilities vote at the same rate as people without disabilities there would be at least five million additional votes cast on November 7th. While the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) makes voter registration available at motor vehicle and public assistance agencies, many persons with disabilities are not being reached. For this reason, Section 7a of the NVRA requires all public and private agencies serving people with disabilities to offer voter registration to their clients at in-take, re-certification, and change of address. Some agencies, but by no means all, that are covered under this law include: Vocational Rehabilitation; Special Education; Commissions for the Deaf and the Blind; Paratransit Providers; Independent Living Centers; disability specific service providers such as ARCs, MS Society, Epilepsy Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Associations, etc. Each vote can make a difference. Please post information on voter registration to your websites.

Register to vote online at: .

Community Awards Competition

Your community can win national recognition in the 2001 National Organization on Disability/United Parcel Service Community Awards Competition! Winning community programs which promote the full participation and contribution of people with disabilities will be publicized locally and nationally and will be posted on N.O.D.'s website ( . The deadline for the Community Awards Competition is November 30, 2000. For more information, and to obtain an official entry form, please contact Bethany Hoffman at (202) 293-5960 or .

In Memoriam
Maxwell J. Schleifer, Ph.D

Dr. Schleifer, the founder and editor-in-chief of Exceptional Parent Magazine, died on July 24. Among his many accomplishments, in 1971, seeing the need for a resource for parents and caregivers of children with special healthcare needs to turn to, Dr. Schleifer conceptualized and co-founded Exceptional Parent Magazine. For more information on his life and works access: .

Rolling Freedom Express
"Don't Tread on the ADA"

In early October, the Supreme Court will hear the Garrett case and the constitutionality of the ADA will be decided. The "Rolling Freedom Express" is a bus tour, which will start in Alabama (the state which challenged the constitutionality of the ADA), pass through 7 states and end up in Washington, DC, September 30th. For more information call 512-442-0252.

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