June 30, 2000 No. 193

Family Opportunity Act--S. 2274

Because of our joint efforts, we now have 50 co-sponsors. Many of the Senators we asked you to target have signed on! Thank you for working together to help make this Act a reality so that families of children with disabilities and special health care needs can access needed Medicaid services (Health Care for our children). We especially need the following Senators to sign-on:

  • Alabama:
     Jeff Sessions (R) and Richard Shelby (R)

  • Alaska: 
    Frank Murkowski (R) and Ted Stevens (R)

  • Arizona: 
    Jon Kyl (R) and John McCain (R)

  • Kentucky:
    Jim Bunning (R) and Mitch McConnell (R)

  • Wyoming:
     Mike Enzi (R) and Craig Thomas (R)


  • Contact your Senators (especially the Senators listed) and urge their support for S. 2274. Tell your Senators that we need improved access to special health care services. S. 2274 would allow us, as parents, to pay a premium for necessary Medicaid services for our child.

  • Write a short letter explaining "Why your family needs Medicaid?" Include a picture of your child, as well as your name and address to signify that you are in fact a constituent.

  • Send your letters to NPND (see contact information below) and we will deliver the letters personally to the Senator's office.

www.senate.gov   / U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Promises to Keep:
 A Decade of Federal Enforcement of the ADA

A report from the National Council on Disability. This report will be the third in NCD's "Unequal Protection Under Law" series of independent analyses of federal civil rights enforcement for Americans with disabilities. Promises to Keep focuses on federal enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act in its first ten years, including compliance monitoring, complaint processing, litigation, technical assistance, and public information activities.

For more information, contact Mark S. Quigley at 202-272-2008 or visit www.ncd.gov. 

July 1st Deadline...State Regulations for IDEA

July l, 2000 is right around the corner. Has your State finished its Regulations for IDEA yet? Or has your state asked for an extension? 
How many states have asked for an extension?
Were parents a part of the process?

Parents, advocates, educators...all who read the Friday Fax, please send us an update regarding your state and the status of the IDEA Regs. NPND will collect this data and report back in a future issue the responses from each state.
Send information to NPND, see contact information below.

Support the Friday Fax

NPND gets fantastic feedback on the Friday Fax (FF). We too believe the FF is a valuable tool for parents and advocates all over America. Currently, we estimate that the FF reaches at least 17,000 people every week. What started out to be a little outreach effort has grown way beyond our greatest expectations.

  • There is a way you may be able to help us in this wonderful venture. E-mails are more economical than faxes. If you are currently receiving the FF by fax transmission and have the capability to receive  it by e-mail would you consider changing? Send an e-mail to: npnd@cs.net , include the name and fax number that you are currently receiving the FF to delete, and include the e-mail address you would like the FF sent to.

  • Consider sending support for the production and transmission of the weekly news bulletin. No donation is too small, but all support is helpful and appreciated. Send donations to the address below.

    Thank you for your support!!!

For Your Information

Job Information Specially for People with Disabilities
The goal is to provide employers with access to human resources while providing training and employment services to eligible people with disabilities. For more information contact Shirley James at 410-965-9040, Shirley.James@sta.gov , or www.sta.gov/work/Employers/able.html 
Disability Friendly Homes and Vehicles To learn more about states offering disability friendly homes and vehicles access: www.crosswinds.net/~disability1/homes/  and
Website Launched to help Parents access Resources for Infants and Preschoolers with Disabilities: www.fed-icc.org  The site will provide a storehouse of information for parents focusing on the efforts of the Federal Interagency Coordinating Council (FICC). 
Susan Sygall-Winner of the MacArthur Genius Award Susan fights on behalf of women with disabilities, particularly those living in the Third World. Through her organization, Mobility International USA, she creates leadership training programs, where disabled Americans work with disabled women from around the world. Though confined to a wheelchair herself, Susan has used her disability as a springboard to change the lives of virtually everyone she has come into contact with.

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