APRIL 21, 2000                                                                                            NO. 183


Face of a Child: Surgeon General's Conference on Children and Oral Health
Million Mom March
People with Disabilities: Having a Voice in the Creation of the New Workforce Investment System
World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities
The State of America's Children Yearbook 2000
World of Options Expo
Q&As; about IDEA
Reed Martin Advocacy Tip of the Week

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21st Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of the IDEA. To obtain a copy of the report call 877-4ED-PUBS, or www.ed.gov/offices/OSERS/OSEP/OSEP99AnlRpt 

This issue of the Friday Fax includes helpful information, resources, conferences and websites.

* Face of a Child: Surgeon General's Conference on Children and Oral Health
It is being held June 12-13, 2000 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, DC. Topics include: history of child health policy; children's oral health, from the Surgeon General's Report on Children and Oral Health; the ethics of allocating resources to children; legal and policy strategies for helping children access needed care; multidisciplinary efforts integrating oral health into medical care; child-specific definitions of medical necessity for all children; and Bright Futures for CHSCN. For more information on the conference, including registration information please visit the Conference website: www.nidcr.nih.gov/sgr/children/children.htm or contact Estella Lazenby at elazenby@kevric.com

* Million Mom March On May 14, 2000, Mother's Day, Moms across the nation are planning both a march in Washington as well as smaller events in their own communities to speak out against the gun violence that is harming our children. To find out more information visit the Million Mom March website at www.millionmommarch.com. 

* People with Disabilities: Having a Voice in the Creation of the New Workforce Investment System
The WIA is a federal law which states must implement by July 1, 2000. It brings together various federal job training and employment programs into one integrated system of services, which all people, including people with disabilities, can access through One-Stop Centers located in each major population area. The new system presents an opportunity to expand the array and quality of services available to assist people with disabilities to obtain and succeed in employment. Access www.usworkforce.org /.

* World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities The first World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities (WCD) will take place on November 10-12, 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. It will bring together persons with disabilities and special health care needs along with physicians and others involved in their care and development. The precedent-setting event promises to educate, inform and provide useful exchanges of ideas. Additional details are available on the WCD Website, www.wcdexpo.com  or by calling 877-923-3967.

* The State of America's Children Yearbook 2000 More than 80,000 American children have been killed by guns since 1979. Almost 12 million children have no health insurance. One in five children is poor. The Children's Defense Fund presents its annual report on the status of U.S. children. To order a copy send $15.95, plus $3.00 shipping and handling ($1.00 for each additional item) to CDF Publications, PO Box 90500, Washington, DC 20090-0500. For more information call 202-662-3652 or access www.childrensdefense.org ..

* World of Options Expo Have you ever imagined studying for a year in France or teaching English in Namibia? The World of Options Expo will give individuals with disabilities, students, parents and educators the opportunity to learn about a diverse range of international exchange opportunities. It will be held on May 3rd at the Preservation Park Conference Center in Oakland, CA from 5-7:30 pm. For more information access www.miusa.org/expo or contact Rhonda Neuhaus at 541-343-1284 (V/TTY), pr@miusa.org .

* Q&As; about IDEA A publication from the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY) provides an overview of various provisions of the IDEA Amendments of 1997. Access www.nichcy.org/pubs/newsdig/nd21.htm  to view this document or call 1-800-695-0285 or e-mail nichcy@aed.org  for a hard copy.

* Reed Martin Advocacy Tip of the Week http://www.reedmartin.com/advocacytipoftheweek.html  Can a school require parents to come to school to toilet or change their child during the day? (This information is educational and not intended to be legal advice. Reed Martin is an attorney with 30 years experience in special education law. Contact him either by e-mail:connie@westco.net , or www.reedmartin.com.

Check out these Websites

www.disabilityworld.org   Designed to provide international perspectives on the worldwide disability rights and independent living movement-reporting news, research and analysis of developments affecting the quality of life for people with physical and mental disabilities.

www.halftheplanet.com  Created by and for people touched by disabilities. It connects the disability community and offers comprehensive, reliable information, products and services.

www.pathwaysawareness.org  Dedicated to education for and about children with movement and physical challenges, and their families. Pathways gained its name from the belief that the brain can create new connections if the old connections no longer work.

www.ashastd.org/nah/tty.html  CDC National AIDS Hotline website for TTY users. View videotaped American Sign  Language answers to frequently asked questions about HIV and AIDS.

www.php.com Parents Helping Parents now offers an "Equipment Exchange" database where items for sale, give-away or needed may be posted at no charge. There is also an online Community Calendar database for nationwide events.

www.ebuddies.org Includes an e-mail friendship program for people with and without mental retardation.

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