The Friday Fax

a weekly news bulletin from the National Parent Network on Disabilities
NOVEMBER 15, 1996 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Number 18

IDEA Heats Up

As anticipated, the return of Republican control of Congress has led to an attempt to "pick up where we left off." Already, key hill staff are scheduling meetings with disability advocates to discuss finalizing the reauthorization of the IDEA. While no specific proposals have yet been presented, we believe that what is in the offing is legislation closely resembling the bill that passed the House as well as the bill that never quite made it to the floor of the Senate.

With the reelection of President Clinton, it is anticipated that the administration will be as amenable as possible to working with the Republican congress in the new era of bipartisanism heralded in by the President and congressional leaders since the election.

All of that said, it remains as important as ever that parents are heard concerning the reauthorization of the IDEA and that all parent groups begin to speak with one voice on issues that are critical to our children. To that end, the FF has put out on the street petitions that itemize the principles that parents have told us are important to them. We have already received a smattering of completed petitions. We now need a tidal wave of these petitions to hit Washington. The next two weeks are critical to setting the stage for positive movement on the issues we care about. Please aggressively seek sign offs on the petitions from organizations that serve people with disabilities, your congressional delegation (most of them are still in their home state) and parents of children with disabilities. Forward signed petitions to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate, as well as to members of your own congressional delegation. If possible please forward copies of these petitions to NPND.

Time is of the essence. Talks have been scheduled to begin as early as November 25.

The Honorable Trent Lott/US Senate/Washington DC 20510

The Honorable Newt Gingrich/US House of Representatives/ Washington DC 20515

Last Chance to get involved with the Bright Consumers, Bright Families, Bright Futures Video-Conference on Health Care on 11/21. We’d love to have you. Contact Emily for more details: (703)684-6763, or

Friends of NPND Quilt

We invite you to participate in the development of a Friends of NPND Quilt that will be on display at the National Office as a lasting tribute to and reminder of all the persons with disabilities and their families that NPND represents in their advocacy efforts in the Hall of Congress and with governmental agencies. With your financial support, we can continue the unwavering commitment of the National Parent Network on Disabilities to persons with disabilities and their families.

The quilt design will be Log Cabin. The Center square, which generally represents the fireplace in the cabin, will symbolize the energy of NPND’s advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities. Surrounding the red block are the logs to stand as the structure of the cabin. The structure of NPND are the members and friends that support their efforts, so each log will hold the names of friends supporting NPND through the quilt project.

What can you do to help build this Friends of NPND Quilt? You can buy logs or whole blocks to represent yourself, or a family member. Prices range from $25 for part of a block, to $1000 for a four block section. Your name will be written on each log, or block. As the blocks fill up, they will be assembled into the quilt top. We would hope to have a portion of the top on display at the next Capitol Hill Reception, or NPND Conference.

For ordering information, contact NPND: (703)684-6763, or

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