The Friday Fax

a weekly news bulletin from the National Parent Network on Disabilities
SEPTEMBER 13, 1996 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Number 10

Fran Wins!!!

As you may have noticed, there was no Friday Fax last week. We intended to put one out, but Hurrican Fran had other ideas. Alexandria, VA was pummeled by Fran and our office was no exception. No matter how you slice it, no electricity means no fax or e-mail. Our apologies to all!!!

IDEA Plays Beat the Clock!!

At the time of writing, advocates are still working with members of the Senate to move S. 1578 to the floor. As of yesterday, the now infamous "manager's package" of amendments had not improved upon earlier incarnations.
........And the clock just keeps on ticking.

A Little Help From Our Friends

As you have read here before, NPND is in the process of digging out of a horific embezzlement. We regret that now we need to impose on all our friends out there to assist us in possibly recouping some of the funding that has been stolen.

If you have sent in a dues payment, donaiton or any other sort of check to NPND since June 1, 1994, would you please take a moment and find that cancelled check. Would you then please forward to NPND a copy of the front and back of that check. This will provide us with the bank routing number through which this check was cleared.

We know this request is a royal pain in the neck. We can't tell you how much we regret having to ask this of you. We ask only because if the embezzeler diverted checks into bogus accounts of which we were unaware, we can recoup every dollar that went through them. It will also allow us to reconstruct membership and other records that have disappeared.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support during these troubled times

Coming soon... on November 21, 1996, NPND will be conducting a video conference on topics of Maternal and Child Health. Watch here for the details as they unfold.
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