From Jonathan Young at the White House

Below please find an updated version of my calendar of disability-related conferences. Some people have inquired about why their conferences and events have not been included. A few notes about the calendar: 

+ This is based on people requesting to have an item included, not independent research and selection on my part to find items to include.

+ The calendar includes conferences that are national or regional in scope, not individual state-specific meetings. Inclusion of conferences in each individual state (e.g. conferences of state chapters or national organizations) would make the calendar too cumbersome in size with information not relevant for most people throughout the country (outside of the given state).

+ The calendar consists of conferences and formal meetings; it does not include anniversaries, rallies, and other types of events.

If you want an item considered for inclusion, please send it to my assistant, Kristen Jones, at Kristen_Jones@WHO.EOP.GOV. (This also applies to situations where I may have inadvertently failed to add a conference.)

I will send another revision in the coming weeks.

If your conference is included here, please review the entry for accuracy and/or updated information, and send changes/additions to my assistant, Kristen Jones, at Kristen_Jones@WHO.EOP.GOV.

This is public information for you to use as you see appropriate.




DATE: November 1-5, 2000

SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA), New

Mexico Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

EVENT: "Expanding Horizons in the Land of Enchantment", annual

international conference of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults.

LOCATION: Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Description of purpose/attendees: This annual international conference

provides informative workshops and speakers, socialization, and peer

support for people who are late-deafened in a setting that is welcoming and

communicatively accessible to everyone, regardless of their

communication choices and needs. ALDAcon 2000 is also of interest to their

friends and relatives, and professionals who provide services for them.




DATE: December 1-3, 2000


EVENT: Abilities Expo, Annual Northern California Expo

LOCATION: San Mateo County Expo Center, San Mateo, California


 or (800) 385-3085; FAX:(203) 882-1800.