Disability Social History Project Web Site

The Disability Social History Project is a nicely crafted Web site featuring information about the history of the disability movement (including a creative timeline), famous personalities, and more. Visit http://www.disabilityhistory.org.

National Public Radio will be broadcasting a series entitled "Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project. The series begins today and continues through May 8th. The four hour-long broadcasts will examine the disability rights movement and will include such segments as "Inventing the Poster Child," "What's Work Got to Do With It?," "The Overdue Revolution," and "Tomorrow's Children." Check with your local radio station for broadcast times. Or, you may purchase audiotapes of the session or transcripts by calling (303) 823-8000.

In conjunction with this special, NPR's Talk of the Nation will feature a week-long series on the same topic.