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                    U.S. Department of Justice

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     Enforcing the ADA:

     A Status Report from the Department of Justice

     April-September 2000

     This Status Report covers the ADA activities of the Department of Justice during the second and third quarters (April-September) of 2000. This report,     previous status reports, and a wide range of other ADA information are available through the DepartmentR17;s ADA Home Page on the World Wide Web (see page 13). The symbol (**) indicates that the document is available on the ADA Home Page.


          ADA Litigation
          Formal Settlement Agreements
          Other Settlements
          Technical Assistance
          Other Sources of ADA Information
          How to File Complaints

     2000, Issue 2

     The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive civil rights law for people with disabilities. The Department of Justice enforces the ADAR17;s requirements in three areas --

          Title I: Employment practices by units of  State and local government

          Title II: Programs, services, and activities of State and local government

          Title III: Public accommodations and commercial facilities

     I. Enforcement

          Through lawsuits and both formal and informal settlement agreements, the Department has achieved greater access for individuals with disabilities in   hundreds of cases. Under general rules governing lawsuits brought by the Federal Government, the Department of Justice may not file a lawsuit unless it has first unsuccessfully attempted to settle the dispute through negotiations.

     A. Litigation