lIearings to be held in Fort Collins, CO

On March 20th, at Timnath Elementary School, in Ft. Collins, CO. the Committee on Education and the Workforce, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation will be holding a hearing.

The focus of the Ft. Collins hearing will be unfunded mandates on local schools, particularly, ADA, IDEA, and Davis Bacon (school construction). However, it is expected that the discussion of block granting all federal education dollars and the general undermining of the federal government's role in education.

Chairman Hoekstra (R-MI) states that the purpose of these hearings is to learn from the communities whether the Federal government plays an effective role in public education.

The response, so far, from local officials, parents, teachers, and students, at hearings already held in at least eight states, has been highly favorable of the continued Federal role in education.

Nevertheless, Chairman Hoekstra continues to attach Federal Education programs in favor of state and local autonomy. He continues to misrepresent that there are more than 760 different Federal education programs operating at an annual cost of $120 billion. He further misrepresents that less than 60 cents of every Federal education dollar reaches the classroom.

The facts are that less than administers 200 federal education programs are administered by the Department of Education, at less than $30 billion annually. In addition the Majority has never proven that less than 60 cents of every Federal education dollar reaches the classroom. Nearly all major education programs mandate a 5 percent cap on funds that may be used by state and local educators for administrative purposes.

NPND is concerned about the focus of this hearing and future hearing such as this. It has already been determined, at least 2 years ago, that IDEA and ADA are NOT unfunded mandates. We are concerned that this misinformation is still being used as argument for the attack on Federal Education Programs.