Child Care Technical Assistance Network


Seven projects comprise the Child Care Technical Assistance Network (CCTAN) which the Child Care Bureau has designed to address the needs of States, Territories, and Tribes administering the Child Care and Development Fund. The seven projects include:

Child Care Inclusion Project for Children with Disabilities     (800) USA-5-UCP

A new project, Map to Inclusive Child Care (Map Project) will provide on-going technical assistance to ten states to design, implement and evaluate child care services that successfully include children with disabilities. Technical assistance will be built around a model of state specific strategic planning with the goal of improving child care options and opportunities for children with disabilities and their families. State work teams will showcase their outcomes and promising practices at a national conference in 1998. The contract was awarded to the United Cerebral Palsy Association, with six subcontractors: the University of Connecticut Health Center; the National Conference of State Legislators; the National Child Care Association; the Federation of Children with Special Needs; the National School Age Care Alliance; and Zero to Three. The Project Co-Directors are Mary Beth Bruder (860-679-4632, e-mail: and Dale Fink (802-823-9394, e-mail:

Child Care Information Systems Technical Assistance Project (CCISTAP)     (888) 821-6997

The CCISTAP project will provide technical assistance to meet the new reporting requirements mandated by welfare reform legislation. The CCISTAP project will support a national conference, a State and Territory technical workshop, model documentation for systems design, establishment of an Internet "web" homepage and a child care automation resource center. The CCISTAP project will be assisted by a Technical Assistance Group (TAG) made up of ten States. This contract was awarded in FY 1997 to SRA International, Inc. with a subcontract to Ellsworth Associates, Inc. For information call Ginny Miller, Project Director, Child Care Automation Resource Center (888-821-6997, e-mail: The World Wide Web address for the CCISTAP is:

Child Care Technical Assistance Logistics Support Project     (202) 639-4465

The Logistics Support Project coordinates and supports national child care events including national conferences for State and Territorial Administrators and for Tribal Administrators. Other events include national leadership forums on critical child care issues, Administrative Issues Workgroups, monthly audioconference calls with grantees, and regional conferences. Each region will have two conferences focusing on areas of local interest i.e. child care and housing; infant/toddler issues; and Head Start/Child Care collaboration. This contract was awarded in September 1997 to Trans-Management Systems Corporation. The Project Director is Vincent Gooden (202-639-4465, e-mail:

Healthy Child Care America      (888) 227-5409

The Child Care Bureau and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau are working collaboratively to improve the health and safety of children in child care. Major initiatives are conducted under the auspices of the Healthy Child Care America Campaign, a national initiative to promote and support activities at the national, State, and local levels. Activities supported include technical assistance to grantees, resource and referral services, and state grants for linking health services to child care. The Project Manager is Laura Dutil Aird, American Academy of Pediatrics (888-227-5409, e-mail:

National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC) (800) 616-2242

The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC), in collaboration with the ERIC Clearinghouse on Early Childhood and Elementary Education, is the primary clearinghouse to support the development of expertise and dissemination of child care information. An extensive database of child care information is maintained and resources are disseminated via information and referral services, Internet website, bimonthly publication of the Child Care Bulletin, bimonthly mailings, resource rooms at conferences, and through presentations at meetings and conferences. The information center supports and helps track Network activities. This contract was awarded to Collins Management Consulting, Inc. The Project Director is Anne Goldstein (800-616-2242, e-mail: The World Wide Web address for the National Child Care Information Center is:

Public-Private Partnerships (202) 628-4200

The Child Care Partnerships Project will provide technical assistance to States on ways to establish and improve public-private partnerships supporting child care. The project will identify and track partnerships; host a national conference; and provide technical assistance through written materials, presentations at conferences and meetings, newsletter articles, and other means. The contract was awarded in September 1997 to the Finance Project in collaboration with the Families and Work Institute and the National Governors’ Association. The contact person is Sharon Deich (202-628-4200, e-mail:

Tribal Child Care Technical Assistance Center (800) 388-7670

The Tribal Center will provide targeted technical assistance services to the over 500 Tribes supported by the Child Care and Development Fund. Included among the Center’s services will be specialized on-site technical assistance visits, a database of Tribal model programs, and software to assist in fiscal and program reporting. Information will be disseminated through an information and referral line, newsletter, and Internet website. This contract was awarded to Native American Management Services, Inc. The contact person is Patricia Parker, President (703-821-2226, e-mail: NAMS@TOMCO.NET).

For additional information on the Child Care Bureau’s Technical Assistance Network, contact Lillian Sugarman, 202-690-6243 or e-mail: