Amicus for Children, Inc.

Hello, my name is Sheri, and I am the Educational Services Director for Amicus for Children, Inc., a non-profit that provides free educational and legal support services to families with special needs children. 

Amicus for Children, Inc (AFC) is a non-profit organization formed in 1999 by two moms - one an educator and the other an attorney. AFC provides free services to parents of special needs children to help them be their children's "first and best advocate." 

Examples of AFC services include: 

AFC does not provide direct legal representation to families. AFC is funded by grants & donations and serves families from all over the United States. An on-line service request form can be found on the Amicus website at

Sheri Taylor-Mearhoff
Amicus for Children, Inc
1023 Old Swede Road
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Amicus for Children, Inc. does not recommend or endorse specific diagnostic or therapeutic regimens, whether educational, psychological, or medical. Parents and caretakers should consult with experienced professionals to determine the best course of treatment for their child, or for themselves. All information provided by AFC, including that in this e-mail, is for informational and educational purposes only.

Sheri Taylor-Mearhoff is not an attorney. None of the information or materials available through Amicus for Children, Inc., including information in this e-mail, should be deemed legal advice. Individuals using the website, electronic correspondence, or other AFC materials should not take actions based upon the information contained therein without prior consultation with their own attorneys. Receipt of information from this website, Ms. Taylor-Mearhoff, Ms. Merino Reisman, or any other individual connected with AFC, Inc. does not create an attorney-client relationship between the recipient & AFC