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Pound Responds to Community Pressure on ADA

Mark Johnson, Mark_Johnson@shepherd.org, writes:

The following Official Memorandum from Governor George W. Bush was handed out in Austin. I talked (several of you did) to Pat Pound, ED, TX Governor's Committee, 512-463-5739, patpound@io.com , about having the Governor and the Committee sign the Pledge.

-As far as the Governor, she suggested we call Ted Cruz, 512-637-2000 or you can fax your concerns and requests to
512-344-4707, Attention Disabilities.

-As far as the Governor's Committee, we talked about the Committee discussing this and related issues at their regular July meeting.

Pat also suggested we check out http://www.governor.state.tx.us/disabilities for some background on the Committee, pictures of George Bush signing the ADA in 1990 and related pictures (go to the online picture gallery), ADA and disability history, etc.



I. Official Memorandum
State of Texas
Office of the Governor

The Spirit of ADA Torch Relay Day

For our country to remain strong and prosperous, every citizen must have the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful and productive life. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees equal rights and equal opportunity for the more than 50 million people with disabilities in the United States, including more than four million Texans. This year, the nation marks the 10th anniversary of the historic act.

Texas is committed to full compliance with the ADA, the most comprehensive civil rights legislation in the world for people with disabilities. The Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities works to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities into the state's workforce. Approximately 1,400 Texans with disabilities work in state government, with almost half of them in professional positions. In recent years, government offices, state parks and facilities, and the Capitol Grounds have undergone improvements to increase accessibility. Legislation has ensured accessible telecommunications services for Texans with disabilities and improved accessibility in parking and publicly funded single-family homes. Businesses are providing employees with accommodations such as speech output and other computer technologies to help them achieve independence, productivity and self-determination on the job.

On June 11, the American Association of People with Disabilities is joining other organizations to kick off The Spirit of ADA Torch Relay in Houston. A torch lit by former President George Bush in February will join a torch lit at the final resting place in Atlanta of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to ignite the Freedom Flame. The Flame makes its way to Austin on June 13 for a celebration involving more than 25 area disability agencies and organizations, then travels across the United States on a cross-country relay. Supporters and community leaders throughout the tour will participate in festivities celebrating the achievements of people with disabilities, culminating in New York in August.

I urge all Texans to join me in supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Lone Star State will continue to strive for the full participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in every facet of society.

Therefore, I, George W. Bush, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim June 11, 2000,

"The Spirit of ADA Torch Relay Day" in Texas and urge the appropriate recognition whereof,

In official recognition whereof, I hereby affix my signature this 7th day of June, 2000.

Governor of Texas"

Go to http://www.aapd-dc.org for an Archive and http://spiritofada.org for Campaign News.

Mark Johnson

Fred Fay
Chair, Justice For All

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