ADAPT Announces 10 Worst States Awards

On May 10th, Mother's Day 1998, ADAPT will give out the Ten Worst States Awards, recognizing ten states that clearly fail to demonstrate a commitment to home and community-based service options. 600 disability rights activists will be gathering at a rally on Sunday May 10th, at 3:30PM, Court Square in downtown Memphis, to focus attention on those ten states which have continued to spend tax dollars in costly and dehumanizing institutional settings, rather than create programs of home and community-based services which promote independence, autonomy, and dignity.

The following states will receive the Ten Worst States Awards at the May 10 rally:


In addition, 5 Dishonorable Mentions will be made to those five states which are doing nearly as bad a job in demonstrating a commitment to home and community-based service options.

These are: Washington, D.C.,

ADAPT is a national grassroots disability rights organization, and ADAPT members are ravelling from across the nation to gather in Memphis for four days of demonstrations in protest to America's very poor commitment to REAL choice in long-term services. In America there are over 2.2 million people living in nursing homes and other institution, many of whom could live in their own homes with appropriate services and support. However, the reality is that our tax dollars for programs affecting people with disabilities, including children and older Americans, are largely spent on institutional care. Nationally, 80% of the Medicaid dollars which go to long term care is spent in institutions, while a mere 20% is spent in more cost- effective home and community-based alternatives.

ADAPT is working hard to change this national disgrace. Since 1990, ADAPT has focused on changing the institutional bias. The cornerstone of ADAPT's REAL Choice campaign for home and community-based services is MiCASA, the Medicaid Community Attendant Services Act of 1997. The legislation, also known as H.R. 2020, was introduced last June by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Co- sponsored by Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, the bill now has over 60 co-sponsors, and endorsements from over 400 organizations across the nation. MiCASA would give people REAL choice, by allowing resources that now pay for individuals to live in nursing homes or other institutions to be used where they choose.

Research and polls demonstrate what common sense already tells us: people want to remain independent and live in their own home. A nursing home is not where any of us want to live. MiCASA for REAL choice!!!

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